Wealth Management

Locust Capital

Locust Capital provides comprehensive investment consulting, with the goal of adding value to our clients' investment efforts. Locust Capital's investment philosophy acknowledges the trade-offs between risk and reward. Our approach is quantitative without losing sight of proven quality products. Our clients' portfolios are customized in a tax efficient manner using multiple asset classes and top managers.

Locust Capital has an open architecture platform that allows us to provide independent and objective recommendations. Our objective investment approach is to evaluate a portfolio in order to advise you based on your individual financial needs and goals. We are not compensated for any particular products. We consider ourselves "sitting on same side of the table" when we work with our clients. Locust Capital will work with each client to develop a tailored investment policy to address client specific needs and requirements.

Our seasoned team actively manages our traditional asset classes. We use alternative investments to complement our traditional investments while providing further diversification.