Physician Services

The MD Preferred Financial Advisor Network is a national directory of financial planners who are uniquely qualified to work with medical facilities, practice groups and physicians. Financial planning is the keystone to building and retaining wealth. Locust Capital gains the trust of the medical community similar to the trust that is needed by a patient with respect to their medical provider. The MD Preferred Medallion is a guarantee of excellence in providing financial advice to the medical community.

Many physicians, who are generalists or specialists, often rely on other physicians to compliment their practice areas. Similarly, many physicians rely on Locust Capital as their trusted advisor to handle their financial affairs. Relying on Locust Capital to oversee wealth management needs allows physicians to focus on their specialty, career progression and personal interests. Secondly, because of our independent and open architecture platform, we can manage and report on outside retirement plans including 401k's and 403b's which are the best places for a physician to invest. This eliminates the complexity of having to continually manage this often cumbersome process. Lastly, physicians generally have more complex financial situations that need professional oversight and coordination with a focus on asset protection. Locust Capital has built a practice of navigating the complex and changing world of asset management. Our focus is to partner with our clients and help steer them through these processes.

As fiduciaries that have expressed an interest in serving the Healthcare industry, Locust Capital is proud to display the MD Preferred Medallion.