Locust Capital

Locust Capital coordinates the various complexities of wealth for our clients. Our services focus on best practice standards and high value added solutions for all of our client relationships.

Our approach is holistic. Locust Capital integrates the various financial needs such as wealth management, taxes, estate and wealth transfer, insurance needs, and philanthropic planning, into a comprehensive and well-orchestrated plan. Where Locust Capital does not offer the necessary expertise, we will act as an advocate for our clients and help find or coordinate with an outside expert to help meet our client's goals.

Our client reports are incredibly comprehensive and easy to follow. Using Tamarac Reporting software, our customized reports have the capability to report on the capital we manage and any outside assets such as trusts, foundations, family partnerships, real estate, personal property, and deferred compensation. This allows our clients to view their entire net worth in a single, consolidated report.

These services provided are strategic and customized to meet the exact needs of our clients. The only constant is the direct involvement and steady support of a Locust Capital advisor.